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Panha Chiet University Graduation Ceremony 22/10/2022

Dear Graduates, Faculty, Families, and Honored Guests,

On behalf of Panha Chiet University, it is with immense pleasure and pride that we welcome you to the 2022 Graduation Ceremony. Today, we gather to celebrate the achievements, resilience, and hard work of our graduating class. This ceremony marks a significant milestone in the academic journey of each student, and we are honored to share this momentous occasion with you.

Our ceremony will commence with warm welcome remarks from Doctor Runrath Veasna. We extend our gratitude to all distinguished guests, faculty members, families, and friends who have joined us to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates.

Panha Chiet University will award approximately 568 degrees from our four faculties: Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Faculty of Arts, Language and Humanities and Faculty of Business and Economics by Doctor Runrath Veasna.

Congratulations to the 2022 graduates of Panha Chiet University! May your futures be filled with success, fulfillment, and the pursuit of excellence.


Panha Chiet University

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